Any time you need assistance from the board or any of its members, please contact us.                    

Annual Potluck and Games

We are going to have our potluck on National Night Out this year,  August 4, 2020.  Association supplies the paper products, meats, buns and condiments.  We ask you to bring your drinks, snacks, dessert and/or dish to share.  - Don't forget your lawn chairs!   There will be an inflatable jumper for the kids, or young at heart!  Bring another game to play if you have one! 

Annual Cleanup

Please clean up your neighborhood!     

Note: We have started to re-plant trees and bushes in the berm on 97th Avenue and Noble Parkway. Please help us out by watering the new plants! (June 24, 2018)           

Our Board

Annual Meeting

We meet annually to discuss the neighborhood development and its finances.

Notices / Invitations will be mailed per our Covenants. Please attend these meetings, it's an hour or two out of your year and will help support the neighborhood you live in!


Our Vision

Our Meetings

Vice President

Jodi Johnson

Secretary / Treasurer

Helen Catherine Host

Each board member is elected to a 3 year term, beginning with Secretary / Treasurer; moving to Vice President; and completing their term as President.


Stanley Walton

Our attorney advises that we remove "Meeting Minutes", "Yearly Budget" and "Balance Sheet" from our web site for a very sound reason.  In today's world of web site hacker's displaying this information puts the Owner's Association accounts and subsequently, Home Owner's at risk for hacking.

That information is always available for review.  Please schedule a time that is convenient for both you and a Board member to view these documents from the last 5 years (length of required storage of meeting minutes).